Set in a world where the battle between Heaven and Hell happens all around us, the archangels each have their own way of dealing with their former brethren, the Fallen. Michael uses warriors. Uriel uses hunters. Azriel uses transporters.

But sometime’s there’s more to the story than just good versus evil and all hell breaks loose when an archangel betrays their own, threatening the Light and all of humanity that it protects.

Meet the Archangel: Raphael

In Catholicism, Raphael appears in the Book of Tobit, where he first appeared to be disguised as a human  known as “Azarias”. He would later go on to heal Tobit of his blindness and creating his legacy of healing. Nearly every appearance by Raphael in scripture from...

Angel’s Betrayal goes live!

It’s here! It’s here! Finally got “Angel’s Betrayal” out and in the world. It was a bit of a struggle to get through a monster case of writer’s block, but I can say that in the end, it was worth it! (It’s always worth it when...

Her friend Callan is missing. She’s not speaking with her off-again love interest Rhys. And the archangel Raphael is turning out to be a less-than-patient teacher as Coralie learns the ropes of what being a Light Bearer and descendant of King Solomon is all about.

The clock is ticking as the body count rises, more Watchers join the undead army, and the archdemon Azazael grows stronger.But he’s not acting alone, and suddenly Coralie’s in a race to uncover a betrayer and stay one step ahead of everyone who doubts her ability as one of Raphael’s own.

Angel’s Betrayal is available on Amazon!

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