June Writing Updates

Grab your Zippos and your lighter fluid…I’m burning this series to the ground!

I’ve been a creative writing teacher, an overnight radio DJ, a newspaper reporter, and a professional MMA fighter.I was even a soccer mom for one season. I’m a sucker for sunflowers and a despiser of “check engine” lights.

Want to be my BFF forever and ever? Tell me that you love Korean Dramas (Kdrama) or Korean Pop (Kpop) and I’ll attach myself to you like some creepy stalker. I love Korean culture and am pretty overt in my obsessions (see my blog and my comic!)

More Things I love: Tattoos, Ed Sheeran, Bob Ross, Pee Wee Herman, Teen Wolf, Irish Breakfast Tea (lots of cream, lots of sugar), a good pair of cowboy boots, pecan pie, gnomes, and goblins. Seriously.