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Demon’s Mark

Coralie Kendrick lives in a world where the war between heaven and hell is suddenly very real and archangels like Michael train elite fighters for battle hidden in places like St. George of the Cross Academy in snowy, small-town Vermont.

But she’s not strong like Michael’s warriors or agile like Uriel’s hunters and when her ability to bring light into even the darkest reaches has her marked for death by the fallen angel Leviathan, she find herself searching for an archangel who abandoned humanity more than a century ago.

As she scrambles to stay one step ahead of demonic assassins and jealous archangels, Coralie works to piece together who’s on the side of the Light, who’s betraying them, and how all of this might be connected to her father’s mysterious death four years ago.
But how do you choose sides when even archangels have agendas and there’s more to the story than just good versus evil?

Angel’s Betrayal

Coralie is at a crossroads.

Her friend Callan is missing. She’s not speaking with her off-again love interest Rhys. And the archangel Raphael is turning out to be a less-than-patient teacher as Coralie learns the ropes of what being a Light Bearer and descendant of King Solomon is all about.

The clock is ticking as the body count rises, more Watchers join the undead army, and the archdemon Azazael grows stronger. Any day now, he’ll break free from his ancient prison and crush the world under his heel to finally take revenge on the archangels. But he’s not acting alone, and suddenly Coralie’s in a race to uncover a betrayer and stay one step ahead of everyone who doubts her ability as one of Raphael’s own.

Archangel’s Reckoning

Hell is here. Literally, demons have ripped through the portals from hell and are bringing forth the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Coralie and her friends must learn to work together and with new allies as they race to stop the total annihilation Azazael has planned for them all.